The Second Trimester Abortion Appointment: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Process A second trimester abortion appointment typically involves several steps, including a comprehensive medical evaluation, counseling sessions to discuss options and concerns, and the actual procedure itself. The medical evaluation may include a physical examination, ultrasound, and laboratory tests to assess the gestational age and overall health of the individual seeking the abortion. During the counseling sessions, healthcare providers will provide information about the different abortion methods available, potential risks and complications, and answer any questions or address any concerns.

The Annual Visit: Women's Health Care And Wellness At Any Age

From the teen years through the golden years, an annual exam with an OB/GYN helps women stay on top of their health. OB/GYNs provide care for all aspects of reproductive health as well as promote general wellness for women of all ages. Your annual visit is designed to meet your unique healthcare needs for each stage of your life. Wellness Exam  Regardless of the patient's age, OB/GYN providers often conduct a wellness exam during an annual visit.