What Is The Best Way To Manage One's Weight?

If you are interested in taking control of your weight, there are a lot of things you should consider before you choose a plan. After all, it is important that you choose a method that not only works, but is also safe. If you are thinking about seeing a professional for weight management services, you likely want to know the best way for a person to take control of their weight.

5 Steps Of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding Treatment

All people with vaginas should see an OB-GYN doctor regularly. These doctors can help people maintain healthy reproductive systems. It's especially important to see a gynecologist if you have been experiencing vaginal bleeding between periods. Here are five things that an OB-GYN doctor will do when trying to diagnose and treat the cause of your abnormal bleeding: 1. Determine if you're pregnant Most people stop menstruating when they become pregnant. However, vaginal bleeding can still occur for a number of reasons.

What to Know if You Plan to Get Pregnant After 35

While age ain't nothing but a number in most circumstances, it does play a role in your overall health and well-being throughout your life. And if you are planning to get pregnant and have a baby, age can have an impact. If you are a woman planning to get pregnant and carry a child after the age of 35, there are some things you should know about the process. Get to know some of the important facts so you can be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible as you plan and conceive your baby.

What Are Your Options For Extreme Menstrual Cramps?

Most women go through some level of menstrual pain when they enter PMS and their period. The muscles naturally contract, which can create pain and stiffness as a side effect. However, for some women, it's downright debilitating. If you're suffering every month, you're doing so needlessly. Many women think that they're just not tough enough, but the reality is that every woman's menstrual pain is different, and some have it worse than others.

How Often Do You Need A Pelvic Exam?

It used to be that doctors recommended a woman see her gynecologist annually for a Pap smear and pelvic exam, but those guidelines have changed in recent years. Here's what you should know. What Is Done During A Pelvic Exam? When you go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam, the doctor is looking for any physical signs of abnormalities, both internally and externally. They will palpate your pelvic and abdominal region, checking for tenderness and abnormal organ size or position.