Beyond Morning Sickness: Five Lesser-Knows Signs Of Early Pregnancy

When you've been trying to become pregnant for a while, you're probably closely looking out for well-known pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, sore breasts, and strange cravings. However, while these may be the best-known symptoms of early pregnancy, they are not the only ones. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and it's possible that the first symptoms you experience will go overlooked because they are not the most common ones. To aid in your early detection of pregnancy, take a look at these lesser-known pregnancy symptoms:

Frequent Sneezing

If you've begun sneezing often for seemingly no reason at all, it could be because you are pregnant. Pregnancy causes the blood vessels to swell -- including those in the nose -- which can perpetuate frequent sneezing. If there is any chance you could be pregnant, make sure you do not take cold medicines or allergy pills to try and treat sneezing. Most are not recommended for pregnant ladies.

Feeling Dizzy

If you're having brief periods during which you feel dizzy or a bit faint, this could be due to pregnancy. Some women even feel like they are spacing out for a few minutes. If you develop these symptoms and turn out not to be pregnant, make sure you visit a doctor as sometimes, dizziness can have serious underlying causes.

Feeling Extra Emotional

Some women find that their emotions seem to run away with them when they become pregnant. You might start crying when you see a sad commercial on television or get irrationally angry when you face a slightly irritating situation at work. You may not actually realize they you are being overly emotional at the time, but your partner and other people who are close to you might point it out. 

Extreme Tiredness

Are you sleeping for 8 hours a night and still feeling overly tired within a few hours of starting your day? Maybe you're getting exhausted when you walk up the stairs or need a nap after an afternoon of meetings. Extreme tiredness can be a sign of early pregnancy, and for some women, it is the first symptom they experience before the more noticeable ones start creeping in.

Changes In Skin Appearance

Some women get that hard-to-explain pregnancy glow, and others find that they start breaking out like teenagers. If your skin suddenly changes in texture or appearance, it could be because you have a little one on the way.

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