Important To Questions To Ask Your Obstetrician If You Have Suffered Previous Miscarriages

If you have had one miscarriage, it can be scary to discover that you are expecting again and many women spend much of their pregnancy worrying about every new twinge or discomfort. However, if you have had two or more pregnancy losses, a positive pregnancy test can be almost terrifying. Therefore, obtaining immediate and adequate medical care is essential and asking the below questions of any obstetrician with whom you might speak is a great way to start your prenatal care:

Does The Obstetrician Consider You To Have A High-risk Pregnancy?

high-risk pregnancy is often defined as one that might put the health of the woman or the baby she is carrying at risk. That risk might be due to an existing health condition, such as diabetes, that the mom had at the time of conception. Conversely, it might apply if a woman develops a health problem during her pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia. High-risk pregnancies may also be diagnosed because more than one baby is on the way...or due to repeated pregnancy loss.

However, it's important to note that many obstetricians don't automatically women to have a high-risk pregnancy unless she has had at least three losses. If you are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy, you may be advised to see a specialist, such as a perinatologist, in order to more effectively manage that risk.

In some instances, your OB and your perinatologist might work together to care for you during your pregnancy if you are deemed to have a high-risk. 

Should You Expect To Need Bed Rest, A Cerclage, Or Other Interventions?

The fact of the matter is that it can seem as if almost every knows someone who spent nine months on bed rest to deliver a healthy baby and even the use of a cerclage to sew your cervix closed has become more well-known in recent years. However, the fact is that you might not need bed rest since recent evidence has suggested that it does not prevent miscarriage, early labor, and many other complications of pregnancy. 

cerclage is a surgical procedure that can be provided around the end of the first trimester to moms who are at a higher risk of miscarriage in the second trimester. It can also be given in emergency situations later on if the pregnancy is threatened, such as if cervical dilation is noticed.  As a result, it's best to discuss specific concerns with a trusted obstetrician, as your doctor may have specific recommendations for your situation.

Since every pregnancy is different, it's rarely possible to have a cookie-cutter response without the physician having a clear understanding of your needs.       

In conclusion, many women experience a pregnancy at least one miscarriage in their lifetimes and that loss can be devastating. If you have previously suffered one or more pregnancy losses and hope to add to your family soon, it is a good idea to ask the questions discussed above of any obstetrician with whom you might entrust your health.

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